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Web 2.0

validator (beta version ~2.7183)

The Web 2.0 Validator is on vacation!

Enjoy your summer!

Who makes the rules?

You do. All the rules of web 2.0 are provided by users of this site. The definition of web 2.0 changes on a daily basis. Now you can keep up with your web 2.0-ness since this site checks randomly against the most recent rules decreed by it's users.

How can I help?

Bookmark this site on del.ico.us. Find the "note" field and write your rule in it. Wrinting a rule is pretty simple, just state the name of the rule and what you want it to check.

ex) Appears to use AJAX : /prototype.js/

This looks for usage of prototype.js in your website which is a common file used by web 2.0-ers. We want to make this easy but if you don't understand how this works, you have no business controlling the fate of the internet.

You can read more here.

Are you 2.0?

If you are web 2.0, or hope to be some day - here are some buttons we made so you can show your enthusiasm for web 2.0.

web two.ohh!  2.0 today  I'm web2.0  you plus one

If these buttons don't suite your fancy, make your own here: Button Maker